Hogwarts: A Time of Change
Welcome to Hogwarts: A Time of Change!

Summer break is underway and students are out and about in the world waiting for another year to begin. Hogwarts is currently closed with professors planning lessons and getting everything ready. With students out in the streets, does that make them safer or not? It seems as though something is out brewing on the horizon. Something that no one is quite ready for.

See if you can find a place in the world of Harry Potter, there is much to choose from; magical abilities, creatures, students, adults, etc... See if your loyalty is with the Order, the Death Eaters or the Guardians..make a choice...take a stand...

Where do you belong?

Hogwarts: A Time of Change

Times are changing and we need to decide where our loyalties lay... light or dark? You choose...
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GAME DATE: July 2072

Welcome to Hogwarts: A Time of Change!

Hogwarts is currently closed for Summer Break.
With the summer heat students are escaping outdoors
and getting together with friends. Enjoying
spending time without the pressure of school riding over their heads.

With only a short time left before school begins,
all students should do their best to get all
their school shopping complete.
(A quick one-shot will do except for Ollivanders)

Keep cool and stay safe,
Time of Change Staff
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Year 2072


~ Please take a look at our site calendar to see the pace in which we move things along.

~ All avatars must be 180x400.

~ School shopping is in session, get everything you need before September 1st.
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 Darling, Beau

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Beau Darling
Beau Darling

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PostSubject: Darling, Beau   Darling, Beau EmptyThu Jan 08, 2015 12:02 pm

Beau Darling




FULL NAME: Beau Darling
BIRTHDAY: April 10
FORMER HOUSE/SCHOOL: Hogwarts/Slytherin
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
LOYALTIES: Himself, his family

Ancient Runes <8>
Art <4>
Astronomy <8>
Care of Magical Creatures <9>
Charms <10>
Defense Against the Dark Arts <10>
Divination <7>
Drama <6>
Flying <10>
Healing <7>
Herbology <6>
Muggle Cooking <7>
Music <3>
Mythology <4>
Potions <9>
Transfiguration <8>

Physical Description

PLAY BY: Sean O'Pry
HAIR: Dark Brown
HEIGHT: 6'4"
BUILD: Muscular, fit, toned
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: He has various scars from his fighting tendencies from over the years
STYLE: Clean cut, put together


Beau is a man that wishes to intimidate others. He loves being a leader and loves to wreak power. He is dominant, pushy, and straight forward. He's blunt, which constantly gets him into trouble. He's incredibly persistent if he wants something, but will not chase anyone. He's also quite persuasive and manipulative, and he loves to play mind games. He's cocky, confident, and flirt. When he isn't hard at work, he likes to work out, practice dueling or physical combat, or grab a few drinks at one of the local bars to socialize.

Mean <5> Nice
Serious <5> Funny
Rebellious <1> Behaved
Callous <5> Caring
Conceited <3> Humble
Distant <4> Affectionate
Pessimistic <6> Optimistic
Inconsiderate <6> Considerate
Rude <4> Respectful
Fearful <10> Brave
Unsure <10> Decisive
Stubborn <1> Flexible
Spiteful <4> Forgiving
Hostile <5> Friendly
Stingy <5> Generous
Lazy <10> Hardworking
Deceitful <10> Honest
Immature <8> Mature
Late <9> Punctual
Dependent <9> Independent
Mistrustful <5>Trustful


QUIRKS: Runs his fingers through his hair when he's nervous, rubs the area between his next and his collarbone when he's stressed, stares off into space when he's lost in thought, always has something minty tasting in his mouth because it helps him focus and puts him at ease
LIKES: Cooking, power, dominance, women, leadership, being in control, the cold, potions brewing, weaponry, physical combat, being fit, collecting wizarding antiques (books, items, etc)
DISLIKES: Poor hygiene, children, liars, backstabbers, warm weather, reading, junk food, being told what to do
STRENGTHS: Dueling, physical combat (with and without weapons), his good looks, his cooking, potions brewing, his wit, and manipulation
WEAKNESSES: His sister, his past as a push-over, animals

PATRONUS: When his family was all together and well
BOGGART: Losing his sister or failing in life
DEMENTOR: The death of his parents
VERITASERUM: He's been with a man once and hated it
MIRROR OF ERISED: Power, wealth, success, all built on his own

Mother: Beatrice Darling (Deceased)
Father: Adrian Darling (Deceased)
Twin Sister: Blake Darling (Alive)
Niece: Chantelle Darling (Alive)
Nephew: Jared Darling Jr. (Alive)



Beau was born into a wealthy, powerful pureblooded family, and his family life was nothing but wonderful. Loving parents, lavish lifestyle, a great relationship with his twin sister, there was really nothing else he could ask for. But it all came crashing down in his fifth year when his parents were killed, and he vowed from that moment on that someday, somehow, he'd bring justice to their abruptly ended lives. But, only fifteen, there was nothing he could do at the time and he was sent, with his sister, to live with their aunt, who simply did not know how to raise a child.

He acted out in defiance, trying to prove that no one could tame him and that he would never listen to anyone that wasn't his parents. He was hurt, devastated by their loss, and it certainly reflected. He got in trouble every time he could, and it was a surprise he wasn't kicked out of school. But he managed to barely keep his grades up in order to remain on the Quidditch team, which seemed to be his only out in life. He and his sister drifted when she became pregnant for the first time, but he never turned his back on her. Once they both graduated was when they started getting closer once again.

He traveled for a while after school, simply wanting to be rid of the life he'd lived for the past three years and wanting to be away from his awful aunt. He backpacked all over Europe, always making sure to sent little mementos to Blake to let her know he was alright and thinking of her. But it was always in the back of his mind, finding out who killed his parents. Now, settling back in London after being away for a long expanse of time, he's finally ready to settle down into a steady job and start looking out for his sister once again, though he knows she's plenty capable of handling herself. Maybe, just maybe, he'll be able to find out who murdered his parents.  

Thanks to Masterofpuppets for Our Source Code

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Gabriella Walker
Gabriella Walker

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PostSubject: Re: Darling, Beau   Darling, Beau EmptyFri Jan 09, 2015 2:58 am

Profile Accepted

Headmistress || Thirty || Alone
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Darling, Beau

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