Hogwarts: A Time of Change
Welcome to Hogwarts: A Time of Change!

Summer break is underway and students are out and about in the world waiting for another year to begin. Hogwarts is currently closed with professors planning lessons and getting everything ready. With students out in the streets, does that make them safer or not? It seems as though something is out brewing on the horizon. Something that no one is quite ready for.

See if you can find a place in the world of Harry Potter, there is much to choose from; magical abilities, creatures, students, adults, etc... See if your loyalty is with the Order, the Death Eaters or the Guardians..make a choice...take a stand...

Where do you belong?

Hogwarts: A Time of Change

Times are changing and we need to decide where our loyalties lay... light or dark? You choose...
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GAME DATE: July 2072

Welcome to Hogwarts: A Time of Change!

Hogwarts is currently closed for Summer Break.
With the summer heat students are escaping outdoors
and getting together with friends. Enjoying
spending time without the pressure of school riding over their heads.

With only a short time left before school begins,
all students should do their best to get all
their school shopping complete.
(A quick one-shot will do except for Ollivanders)

Keep cool and stay safe,
Time of Change Staff
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Year 2072


~ Please take a look at our site calendar to see the pace in which we move things along.

~ All avatars must be 180x400.

~ School shopping is in session, get everything you need before September 1st.
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 Greenfield, Hayley

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Hayley Greenfield
Hayley Greenfield
6th Year Hufflepuff
6th Year Hufflepuff

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PostSubject: Greenfield, Hayley   Wed Jan 07, 2015 7:18 am

Hayley Nichole Greenfield




FULL NAME: Hayley Nichole Greenfield
BIRTHDAY: December 27th
YEAR: 6th
HOUSE: Hufflepuff
SEXUALITY: bisexual
LOYALTIES: neutral

Ancient Runes <6>
Art <9>
Astronomy <7>
Care of Magical Creatures <4>
Charms <8>
Defense Against the Dark Arts <8>
Divination <5>
Drama <2>
Flying <7>
Healing <9>
Herbology <7>
Muggle Cooking <10>
Music <10>
Mythology <10>
Potions <9>
Transfiguration <8>

Physical Description

PLAY BY: Hayley Williams
HAIR: red of color and half long
EYE COLOR: green
BUILD: slim
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: a few tattoos but nothing special
STYLE: she has her own style


Hayley is not the typical sweetheart people fall for. She can be a sweet girl but her biggest flaw usually gets the best of her instead. She can be too honest about everything and it often results in fights she isnt looking for. Its hard to make her really angry even when she has a slightly big temper she doesnt get really mad that easily, you really need to pull strings to get her mad. Hayley is kind, gentle and patient and she will be the best friend ever if you let her be so.

Mean <6> Nice
Serious <7> Funny
Rebellious <8> Behaved
Callous <9> Caring
Conceited <7> Humble
Distant <7> Affectionate
Pessimistic <8> Optimistic
Inconsiderate <8> Considerate
Rude <8> Respectful
Fearful <5> Brave
Unsure <7> Decisive
Stubborn <4> Flexible
Spiteful <8> Forgiving
Hostile <9> Friendly
Stingy <9> Generous
Lazy <8> Hardworking
Deceitful <10> Honest
Immature <8> Mature
Late <8> Punctual
Dependent <8> Independent
Mistrustful <8>Trustful


QUIRKS: Jumpy, Hyperactive
LIKES: music, people, adventures, reading, food!
DISLIKES: bullies, detention, boring classes.
STRENGTHS: smart, caring, not easily afraid
WEAKNESSES: too honest, sometimes a bit distant, too nice.

PATRONUS: First day in Hogwarts
BOGGART: Losing her life at a young age
DEMENTOR: When her first pet died.
VERITASERUM: She once kissed a girl and she loved it
MIRROR OF ERISED: living a happy life and help people.

FAMILY: Karen Greenfield -- mother -- 36 -- housewife
Daniel Greenfield -- father -- 38 -- ministry worker
WAND: still need to go to Ollivander's right?


Hayley was born as an only child to Karen and Daniel Greenfield. Growing up the little girl often got bullied, she was always the weirdo and the girl who could do weird things and act scary even when she only wanted to make friends. Hayley was a sad and lonely child who never knew why people hated on her so much. She didn’t think it was weird to let small flowers bloom in your hand, to her that’s normal. Hayley showed her first sign of magic when she was in pre – school. A bully tugged her hair the whole time and one day she got so upset about it that she wished he would get burned for it, and he actually had burn blisters on his hand when he tugged her hair again.

That day her parents decided to home school her so she wouldn’t be able to harm anyone outside. Her father explained that she was magical like him and that she would go to a school for magic like he and her mom did once. That’s when he showed her how to use magic for the first time. At the age of eleven, Hayley got her Hogwarts letter just like her father told she would and she was so excited and happy because she felt like she would belong somewhere soon.

Hayley remembers her first day like it was yesterday. She will never forget how cold she was when she sat in that boat. She wont forget how weird she felt when she had to wear robes for the first time and watched everyone else wearing them as well. How everyone looked the same to her, no kids who said they looked more special because they all wore the same clothes. Hayley remembers how she almost fell out of the boat because she only paid attention to the big castle coming closer as she moved. The girl’s first time at Hogwarts was beyond magical, it was everything she hoped and dreamed of.

Over time she wanted to be the best she could in all her classes. Though she really sucks in a few, she really tried hard not to. Her passion to become a traveling healer grew with each day and the desire to show the world how good she can be still burns deeply inside her. Hayley used to have ginger red hair with a bit of blonde in it. By time she dyed it as red as flames to show everyone that she is a fiery person who shouldn’t be messed with and who can have fun either way.

Acceptance Letter Response

The morning was quite bright as the sun came through the curtains and was shining in the young child’s face. It was a gorgeous summer day and it was another day she was preparing herself for the one thing her father promised she would get… her letter. Hayley rolled out of bed and sat down on the wooden floor of her bedroom, the cold wood touching her warm butt. Her green eyes were searching for owls at her window and a yawn escaped her lips. The girl hasn’t seen any owls this entire week and according to her father they would come this week for everyone.

Hayley got onto her feet and stumbled her way out of her bedroom and right down the stairs. She didn’t get it.. she was so special, daddy told her and now she wasn’t going to get her letter? That wasn’t possible right? Hayley sighed as she walked down the stairs and right towards the bathroom. Her feet were leading her but her mind was way off. She wanted owls, she wanted her letter and she badly wanted both.

Another sigh escaped her lips as she took a step towards the hallway, where she slipped because of something underneath her feet. Hayley fell on her back and resisted the urge to cry her eyes out. The girl sat up to see what made her fall and there it was, her letter. Hayley jumped up on her feet and let out a few tears because her back still hurts. The little girl ran up the stairs and dove into the bed of her parents.

Hayley jumped on their bed long enough for them to wake up and shoved the envelope in their faces. “ I have it!” she cheered and jumped off their bed. The girl couldn’t believe she would be called normal now she was one of many other people like her. She wasn’t going to be the weird kid anymore and she will never be again.  

Thanks to Masterofpuppets for Our Source Code

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Gabriella Walker
Gabriella Walker

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PostSubject: Re: Greenfield, Hayley   Fri Jan 09, 2015 3:10 am

Profile Accepted

Welcome to Hufflepuff!

Headmistress || Thirty || Alone

Amazing avie and signatures by Asami Sato@TDA || Connor Bennett
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Greenfield, Hayley

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