Hogwarts: A Time of Change
Welcome to Hogwarts: A Time of Change!

Summer break is underway and students are out and about in the world waiting for another year to begin. Hogwarts is currently closed with professors planning lessons and getting everything ready. With students out in the streets, does that make them safer or not? It seems as though something is out brewing on the horizon. Something that no one is quite ready for.

See if you can find a place in the world of Harry Potter, there is much to choose from; magical abilities, creatures, students, adults, etc... See if your loyalty is with the Order, the Death Eaters or the Guardians..make a choice...take a stand...

Where do you belong?

Hogwarts: A Time of Change

Times are changing and we need to decide where our loyalties lay... light or dark? You choose...
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GAME DATE: July 2072

Welcome to Hogwarts: A Time of Change!

Hogwarts is currently closed for Summer Break.
With the summer heat students are escaping outdoors
and getting together with friends. Enjoying
spending time without the pressure of school riding over their heads.

With only a short time left before school begins,
all students should do their best to get all
their school shopping complete.
(A quick one-shot will do except for Ollivanders)

Keep cool and stay safe,
Time of Change Staff
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Year 2072


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~ School shopping is in session, get everything you need before September 1st.
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 Darling, Chantelle

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Chantelle Darling
Chantelle Darling
6th Year Slytherin
6th Year Slytherin

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Location : Hogwarts
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PostSubject: Darling, Chantelle    Fri Jan 02, 2015 9:03 pm

Chantelle Kira Darling




FULL NAME: Chantelle Kira Darling
BIRTHDAY: December 27th
YEAR: Sixth
HOUSE: Slytherin
SEXUALITY: Pansexual
LOYALTIES: Very few, her family mostly and maybe a couple friends if they proved themselves worthy enough.

Ancient Runes <8>
Art <7>
Astronomy <5>
Care of Magical Creatures <3>
Charms <10>
Defense Against the Dark Arts <6>
Divination <2>
Drama <4>
Flying <1>
Healing <6>
Herbology <7>
Muggle Cooking <10>
Music <8>
Mythology <5>
Potions <6>
Transfiguration <10>

Physical Description

PLAY BY: Elizabeth Gillies
HAIR: Black with colored streaks.
HEIGHT: 5'5"
BUILD: slim and willowy.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: eyebrow and belly button piercing. streaks of hair charmed to change colors with mood.
STYLE: Dark. Blacks and grey mostly. Gothic vibe. Likes to wear baggy sweatshirts and holey leggings with combat boots mostly.


Chantelle is a very distant type of person. While she's not really mean she just prefers to be left alone for the most part. She's honest to a fault and extremely sarcastic and witty. She loves a good book over a good conversation. Her personality is slightly abrasive and she's most serious in public. However if you have the patience to befriend her, she's the most loyal person you'll ever meet. Although scorn her and she never forgives or forgets.

Mean <4> Nice
Serious <5> Funny
Rebellious <1> Behaved
Callous <4> Caring
Conceited <6> Humble
Distant <3> Affectionate
Pessimistic <8> Optimistic
Inconsiderate <8> Considerate
Rude <10> Respectful
Fearful <6> Brave
Unsure <10> Decisive
Stubborn <1> Flexible
Spiteful <1> Forgiving
Hostile <5> Friendly
Stingy <6> Generous
Lazy <9> Hardworking
Deceitful <10> Honest
Immature <7> Mature
Late <2> Punctual
Dependent <9> Independent
Mistrustful <2>Trustful


QUIRKS: Clicks tongue when impatient and plays with strands of her hair when she's bored. chews bottom lip when reading or nervous.
LIKES: Rabbits, Practicing Charms, Music, Muggle things, Her Family, Reading, Snow, Her snowglobe collection, Baths
DISLIKES: Stupidity, Ignorance, Flying, Sports, Needles, Lying, Heat
STRENGTHS: Loyalty, Intelligence, Honesty, Charms, Determination, Adamant
WEAKNESSES: Patience, Kindness, Social, Flexible, Lazy, Chocolate, stuffed animals

PATRONUS: Playing in the snow with her brother when they were little.
BOGGART: Falling from a great height.
DEMENTOR: Finding out her father didn't want her.
VERITASERUM: Fainting when she decided to muggle-pierce her eyebrow.
MIRROR OF ERISED: To become the greatest curse breaker ever.

Beatrice Darling::Grandmother::Deceased
Adrian Darling::Grandfather::Deceased
Beau Darling::Uncle::Alive
Blake Darling::Mother::Alive
Jared Darling Jr.::Brother::Alive
PETS: Trick the black dwarf rabbit and Machete the one-eyed orange Persian Cat.


Chantelle didn't grow up with the most glamorous childhood. Not that she really knew anything different or care to much. Even from a young age things like that didn't bother her too much. She was a fairly easy going if not very quiet child and preferred to play by herself rather than with anyone else. Which was probably for the best considering she was raised by her mother, brother and great aunt. Sure they all loved her and wanted the best for her but with her mother away for work often, Chantelle just lingered in her room and read to herself. It continued on for a long time, even after her baby brother was born. At first she didn't care for him and thought him a nuisance. But as Jared grew up and started talking and walking, a bond formed. She was suddenly the protective older sibling and wanted to do right by him. She took it upon herself to keep away the neighborhood kids and show her brother what life was really like. Suddenly it was like only her family existed and everyone else was terrible. The outside world was cruel and annoying. Chantelle didn't make friends. Even after being accepted into Hogwarts. Sure she liked some people but most were a waste of her time. Having learned about how her father had abandoned her mother after learning she was pregnant, Chantelle doesn't find men to be very trustworthy. So preferring to focus on her charm skills, Chantelle breezes through life in a way she hopes goes unnoticed but rarely does.

Acceptance Letter Response

Chantelle knew it was coming. Of course it would. She showed an aptitude for magic before she could even walk. She was a pureblood. Not that she fell victim to the prejudice and such that came along with being a pureblood but she knew there was no way she wasn't getting her letter. She knew it wouldn't be long before the letter arrived, knew she had nothing to worry about. And yet she couldn't contain the excitement and terror that bubbled up inside. She found herself staring out the window, expecting to see an owl streaking across the sky, bringing her long deserving acceptance into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Her mother had laughed and told her it would come, apparently trying to reassure her that there was no need to stare out the window with eyes as big as saucers. Ever the charming child, Chantelle just glared and pouted. It was taking its sweet ass time to get there and she was none too pleased. That's the moment she saw it. A big brown barn owl, a tiny spec on the horizon but slowly growing as it soared closer. Looked like it was running from the sunset and Chantelle jumped up, nearly falling over in the process, screaming at the top of her lungs in excitement. Of course this caused everyone to run into the room to see if she had fallen and banged her head because Chantelle was not a loud, excitable child. But this, this was something she could get excited about. She nearly broke the window in an attempt to open it quickly enough. The owl swooped in, dropped the think envelope into her hands. The black script on the front proved that it was indeed for her and was indeed from Hogwarts. It was the first day of a new adventure and she couldn't wait.

Thanks to Masterofpuppets for Our Source Code

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Gabriella Walker
Gabriella Walker

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PostSubject: Re: Darling, Chantelle    Fri Jan 02, 2015 9:34 pm

Profile Accepted

Welcome to Slytherin!

Headmistress || Thirty || Alone

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Darling, Chantelle

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