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Summer break is underway and students are out and about in the world waiting for another year to begin. Hogwarts is currently closed with professors planning lessons and getting everything ready. With students out in the streets, does that make them safer or not? It seems as though something is out brewing on the horizon. Something that no one is quite ready for.

See if you can find a place in the world of Harry Potter, there is much to choose from; magical abilities, creatures, students, adults, etc... See if your loyalty is with the Order, the Death Eaters or the Guardians..make a choice...take a stand...

Where do you belong?

Hogwarts: A Time of Change

Times are changing and we need to decide where our loyalties lay... light or dark? You choose...
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GAME DATE: July 2072

Welcome to Hogwarts: A Time of Change!

Hogwarts is currently closed for Summer Break.
With the summer heat students are escaping outdoors
and getting together with friends. Enjoying
spending time without the pressure of school riding over their heads.

With only a short time left before school begins,
all students should do their best to get all
their school shopping complete.
(A quick one-shot will do except for Ollivanders)

Keep cool and stay safe,
Time of Change Staff
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 Vincent Hobbes

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PostSubject: Vincent Hobbes   Tue Jan 28, 2014 5:37 pm

Vincent Elric Hobbes




FULL NAME: Vincent Elric Hobbes
ALIAS: Vince or Hobbes
BIRTHDAY: October 8th, 2051
YEAR: 5th
HOUSE: Ravenclaw
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
LOYALTIES: Aligned with the Light

Ancient Runes <7>
Ancient Studies <7>
Arithmancy <5>
Art <8>
Astronomy <6>
Care of Magical Creatures <10>
Charms <9>
Dance <7>
Defense Against the Dark Arts <8>
Divination <3>
Drama <9>
Flying <7>
Ghoul Studies <6>
Healing 5>
Herbology <8>
History of Magic <4>
Muggle Cooking <7>
Muggle Studies and Entertainment <7>
Music <10>
Mythology <2>
Philosophy <9>
Physical Education <10>
Poetry and Literature <10>
Potions <7>
Transfiguration <9>

Physical Description

PLAY BY: Asa Butterfield
HAIR: Brown, short. Sometimes a buzz cut, but most of the time time just long enough to spike up a bit in the front.
EYE COLOR: Light Brown
HEIGHT: 5'11
BUILD: Slim but strong
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: A small scar on his right cheek, just below the ear. About three inches long, pretty skinny. Just a thin white line is all that's left.
STYLE: Likes to dress well. When he wears jeans they are usually with button downs or polos. Often wears khakis or different color slacks with dress shirts. When he goes casual he likes to wear just simple t-shirts and he loves his green converse sneakers.


Vincent is a fairly laid back person, but driven in class and Quidditch. Has a sarcastic and witty humor, is very smart, and is friendly to everyone until they give him a reason not to. Doesn't let people past his walls often though, and if you get personal you will see that he doesn't like it.

Mean <7> Nice
Serious <6> Funny
Rebellious <4> Behaved
Callous <8> Caring
Conceited <3> Humble
Distant <7> Affectionate
Pessimistic <6> Optimistic
Inconsiderate <9> Considerate
Rude <10> Respectful
Fearful <8> Brave
Unsure <9> Decisive
Stubborn <3> Flexible
Spiteful <7> Forgiving
Hostile <4> Friendly
Stingy <6> Generous
Lazy <10> Hardworking
Deceitful <9> Honest
Immature <9> Mature
Late <10> Punctual
Dependent <10> Independent
Mistrustful <4>Trustful


QUIRKS: One of Vince's quirks is that he has the tendency go suck on the inside of his mouth when he is out of his depth. It doesn't happen often, and when he does it is usually unsettling to him. Another quirk is that whenever he enters someone's house or his own he has to take off his shoes. Is also a stickler for manners, some may not call it quirky but others might. Very rarely smiles, his smile is usually a smirk. A big fan of William Shakespeare. When he's not in class he nearly always has his acoustic guitar and his notebook with his songs in them with him.
LIKES: Has a fondness for some muggle things. Some of their music, loves their books and reading, cooking, and is a fan of soccer. Calvin and Hobbes. Quidditch, confident women, singing, playing the piano, and swimming.
DISLIKES: People who look down on Muggles as worse than wizards, his father, lima beans, not getting his way, ignorant people.
STRENGTHS: Smart, Cunning, Confident, Resourceful, Charismatic, Athletic, excellent strategist, hard working, and extremely talented on his broom. Also uses his good looks to his advantage when he can.
WEAKNESSES: A bit arrogant, mistrustful, grew up spoiled, extremely stubborn at times, impulsive, when he gets angry is very dangerous.

PATRONUS: His best memory was one when he was six years old, it was the first time he ever used magic. His family was eating dinner and out of nowhere his table knife started levitating. Every body was extremely proud of him and his birthday was the next day. They celebrated it early and he got his first racing broom, an old Nimbus 2000 that was in great shape. His brother Jack taught him how to fly, which quickly became of his favorite things to do. More special than any of it though was when his mother gave him a hug and told him that no matter what happened she would always be with him before he went to bed. It was his last memory of his mother before her death.
BOGGART: His greatest fear is that he will hurt the people he loves. He holds himself responsible for his mother's death and has distanced himself from his family because he doesn't want to hurt anybody else. He's afraid that if he loses his temper he will injure people, as a result he tries not to get close to anybody.
DEMENTOR: His worst memory was the day of his sixth birthday. The day before had been amazing, his first broom, used magic for the first time. But when he was celebrating the day after, and they were eating lunch he lost his temper. His mother wouldn't let him have any ice cream and he started to get angry. At that age he couldn't yet control magic, let alone his temper, and a burst of magic escaped him. It exploded the glass his mother was drinking from and a shard of glass pierced her throat, killing her instantly before his father could heal her with magic. He holds himself responsible for her death even though he was just a kid, and his father blames him for it as well. His brother Jack tried to convince him it wasn't his fault but he's never been able to forgive himself.
VERITASERUM: Vincent's biggest secret is that one day when he was nine he snuck into his father's room and stole his wand for the day. He replaced it that night before his father ever knew. But that entire day he spent trying to learn how to extract memories. He wanted to be rid of the memory of his mother dying, but he couldn't do it. When it didn't work he broke into his father's liquor cabinet and got on a bottle of port he had. He nearly died from alcohol poisoning, but he told his father it was the flu and nobody knows what he died. Before he passed out from too much alcohol he was considering killing himself so he wouldn't hurt anybody else accidentally like what happened when he killed his mother. But he couldn't go through with it and considers himself a coward because of it, even though he won't admit it to anybody.
MIRROR OF ERISED: His greatest desire is to have is mother back, but he knows deep down that nothing he can do will bring her back.

FAMILY: ~Mother: Alexis Hobbes (deceased)
~Father: Gregory Hobbes (45 years old)
~Brother: Jack Hobbes (19 years old)


Vincent was raised in a wealthy pureblood home. Everybody in his family except for him and his mother were all for the pureblood pride. His mother was a pureblood, but she didn't hold the views that his father did about wizards being better than muggles and pure bloods being better than muggleborns and halfbloods. From a young age he had always been interested in muggle books, poets, music, even though he liked the wizarding world as well. His mom always looked out for him and his brother treated him well. He couldn't wait to start at Hogwarts, but unlike his family he wanted to be a brave Gryffindor. Hidden in his room were the Gryffindor colors as well as his muggle football posters and band t-shirts. He is a big fan of Relient K, Paramore, and other muggle bands as well as Manchester United.

When he was six years old, on his birthday, he lost his temper and killed his mother by accident with a burst of magic. His father blamed him for his mother's death and he blamed himself even though he was just a kid and couldn't control his magic. He withdrew into his room and became a bit rebellious against his father, putting up his Gryffindor and muggle things in plain sight just to annoy him. Vincent's brother Jack tried to help him and was kind of the buffer between him and his father. His only outlet was flying, his books, music, and his acoustic guitar he received from his brother when he was nine. Vincent began to write his own songs as an outlet and used it as an excuse to avoid his father.

Instead of going to Hogwarts right away like most students his father allowed him to be home schooled for his first three years. After that he would have to go to Hogwarts like the rest of his family. He hired the best tutors and Vincent excelled in nearly all of his classes. His best subjects were charms, transfiguration, and defense against the dark arts. He pushed himself as hard as he could to excel in his classes, because he wanted to do his brother and family proud even though his father treated him like an outcast.

Even though he doesn't trust anybody aside from his brother, and blames himself for his mother's death, he always tries to do what's right. He pushes himself almost too much and knows that he is talented. It's his dream to become a Healer, so he can help as many people as he can. But at the same time he's afraid of starting Hogwarts because he's afraid he might hurt somebody again if he loses his temper. Most of the time he hides his emotions behind a mask, but when he gets riled up he can lose control of his magic and hurt people. That's one of the reasons he has distanced himself from his family. Now everything is going to change when he starts Hogwarts, he knows that. He's both frightened and excited to go there.

Acceptance Letter Response

Vincent woke up on his October 8th, it was his eleventh birthday. He hopped out of bed, eager to go down and eat breakfast. Quickly, he showered and dressed in his jeans and a muggle band t-shirt of a classic rock band called Queen. His father wouldn't approve but he didn't really care, it was his birthday and if he wanted to wear a muggle t-shirt he would...no matter what his father thought. Walking into the dining room, he found his father and brother both eating breakfast. He grabbed a plate and filled it with bacon, eggs, and the toast that their house elf Benny had prepared. The house-elf was busy doing work elsewhere, but he reminded himself to thank him later for the delicious breakfast.

His father looked over at him when he had finished eating and sighed heavily. "Vincent, I have some disappointing news to tell you. Because of your temperament problems when you get angry, it has been decided you won't go to Hogwarts until your fourth year of schooling. Instead, you are going to be schooled at home by tutors. You will learn the exact same things, but since you lose control of your magic on occasion it has decided it isn't safe for you to be there until you learn to control it better. I know this might seem like a punishment, but it's for your own good." he told him in an ice cold tone. Vincent saw the look of disappointment in his father's eyes. Everybody in his family had gone to Hogwarts, and he viewed it as dishonorable for him to be going just a bit later because of his problems.

He was in shock, he couldn't believe that he wouldn't be going to Hogwarts for three more years. He locked himself in his room and lost himself in The Odyssey, on of his favorite books. Somebody knocked on his door, but he ignored it and the person eventually went away. Vince was mad at himself for being different, for not fitting in, for his anger issues, for killing his own mother. He let out a scream of frustration and curled up in a ball. "What's wrong with me." he asked quietly to nobody.

Three years later, on his fourteenth birthday, he received the acceptance letter with his list of classes and supplies. With the extra time he had learned to control his temper and hide his emotions, becoming a bit cold in demeanor, but calm and determined. He would prove himself to his father, make him regret treating him like an outsider. He promised himself he would excel at Hogwarts, and show that he had worked hard to get where he was. "I'll show him I'm not useless." he promised to himself.

Thanks to Masterofpuppets for Our Source Code

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Profile Accepted

Welcome to Ravenclaw!

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Gabriella Walker

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Vault 301

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Vincent Hobbes

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