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Welcome to Hogwarts: A Time of Change!

Summer break is underway and students are out and about in the world waiting for another year to begin. Hogwarts is currently closed with professors planning lessons and getting everything ready. With students out in the streets, does that make them safer or not? It seems as though something is out brewing on the horizon. Something that no one is quite ready for.

See if you can find a place in the world of Harry Potter, there is much to choose from; magical abilities, creatures, students, adults, etc... See if your loyalty is with the Order, the Death Eaters or the Guardians..make a choice...take a stand...

Where do you belong?

Hogwarts: A Time of Change

Times are changing and we need to decide where our loyalties lay... light or dark? You choose...
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GAME DATE: July 2072

Welcome to Hogwarts: A Time of Change!

Hogwarts is currently closed for Summer Break.
With the summer heat students are escaping outdoors
and getting together with friends. Enjoying
spending time without the pressure of school riding over their heads.

With only a short time left before school begins,
all students should do their best to get all
their school shopping complete.
(A quick one-shot will do except for Ollivanders)

Keep cool and stay safe,
Time of Change Staff
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Year 2072


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~ School shopping is in session, get everything you need before September 1st.
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 Carroll, Phillip

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PostSubject: Carroll, Phillip   Tue Dec 03, 2013 1:11 pm

Phillip Logan Carroll




FULL NAME: Phillip Logan Carroll
ALIAS: Phil, Philly, Philly Dip
BIRTHDAY: September 24th
YEAR: 6th
HOUSE: Gryffindor
SEXUALITY: Bi-sexual
LOYALTIES: Hogwarts, Himself

Physical Description

PLAY BY: Liam Payne
HAIR: Brown
HEIGHT: 5' 10" (1.77 m)
BUILD: Muscular and Fit
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Scar above Right Eye *covered by hair*
STYLE: Hoodies, Jeans, Tees, Caps, Sweats


Because of his past Phillip has a rebellious side to him. He keeps to himself unless he is with his friends that he had made and learned to trust. Phillip is skeptical about who he lets in, he has to have a sense that he can trust the person before he opening up. Phillip tries to make people laugh and smile, hating when people are sad or hurt. Phillip given his circumstances has became a role model, sticking up for everyone who is being wronged. Phillip is truly a caring and loving person, wanting to be as nice as since he wants the same in return.


QUIRKS: Laughs at his own jokes, Smells like Old Spice
LIKES: Finding things, Animals, Fitness, Quadditch, Tanning
DISLIKES: Imperfections, Sadness, Lies, Bullies, Homework
STRENGTHS: Charms, Physical Strength, Quadditch, Flying, Morale
WEAKNESSES: His Past, Big Heart, Cocky, Reckless, Stubborn

PATRONUS: The day he moved out on his own.
BOGGART: All of his friends being killed. Leaving him truly alone.
DEMENTOR: His parent's car crash, being taken from his parents.
VERITASERUM: He is a total partier.
MIRROR OF ERISED: To become a world known Quadditch player.

FAMILY: Adopted by Claire and Max Carroll. Birth Parents: Lydia (muggle), Zackriah (pureblood wizard)
PETS: None at the present
WAND: Hazel wood, 13 1/2 inches, powdered Doxy wings sprinkled over maple sap


Phillip was born to Lydia and Zackriah, a couple who had met after his father graduated from Hogwarts. His father came from a long line of pureblooded witches and wizards, Zackriah coming from the house of Gryffindor, as did his grand father. Lydia was traveling when they happened to bump into one another on the streets and it was love at first sight. Eventually they decided that they were going to become something steady, all the time hiding the relationship from his grandparents. Lydia said the only way they could get away from his family would be to move to her origins. America.

They moved and within the first month of moving they decided it was best to get married. They ran their lives in the muggle fashion until Lydia soon discovered she was pregnant. After Phillip was born their whole worlds changed, it was no longer a divided family. His father's side and his mother's. Muggles and Wizards. His infant years was what any child could have wanted, a surplus of love. Until he turned five, his parents had gotten so accustomed to the muggle lifestyle they had a vehicle, which on its on is a dangerous form of transportation. One day his parents were going to take him to the park and a drunk driver swerved out and collided into his parent's car. He was the sole survivor of the crash, both of his parents were claimed its victims.

Phillip was sent back to Wizarding London to his father's parents but before the week was even up he was told that he couldn't stay there. That somehow he was the reason his parents died. He was given over to an orphanage and soon found himself adopted by the Carroll's. Which he thought at first it would be fine, until he discovered he had magic just like his father at the age of ten. Phillip had hid it up until he received his letter but the second after that happened they treated as if he was beneath them. It wasn't love. Phillip went through his first couple years of Hogwarts with ease, learning everything that he could. Even though he wasn't one hundred percent dedicated to all of his classes he told himself he had to get decent marks if there was any chance for Quidditch.

He made several friends at his stays at Hogwarts, keeping in touch with them as he had to go back to his personal hell. The Carroll's had only gotten worse with the years. Eventually taking their mentally abuse and making it physical. No one knew that the reason he was so kind to every one and stuck up to those who couldn't for themselves was because of what he has been through. After he reached his fifth year of schooling he decided he couldn't live with the Carroll's anymore and got a summer job, eventually getting him an apartment to go to for the breaks if he had too. Phillip is looking forward to another year at his true home.

Acceptance Letter Response

Jared's adoptive mother walked into the white and black tiled room and looked at the eleven year old boy "Jared, you got a letter." Jared shot up and opened the letter, he looked down and smiled as he read the letter "I need to tell you something, remember I told you my father and I have a special thing? Well its that we are wizards, and magic is real." The woman fell on her back and fainted. A brute of a man man walked into the kitchen "Boy, what did you do to your mother?!" Phillip looked down and shrugged "I told her the truth!" The boy looked down and woke up the woman, they then sat at the table and talked it over "I told you we should have got the little girl!" The blonde shouted. The man looked at the woman "YOU WANTED A SON!" The boy closed his eyes and sighed "Soon." he said to himself.

Thanks to Masterofpuppets for Our Source Code

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PostSubject: Re: Carroll, Phillip   Tue Dec 03, 2013 7:06 pm

Profile Accepted

Welcome to Gryffindor!

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Gabriella Walker

Posts : 955
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PostSubject: Re: Carroll, Phillip   Tue Dec 03, 2013 7:06 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Carroll, Phillip   

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Carroll, Phillip

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